After much demolition it feels so satisfying to finally be building.  I’m trying to involve the boys at every phase of construction so they are included, familiar and feel ownership of our home.    We make frequent site visits so they can watch our house transform.  I don’t want it to be foreign to them when we move back in.  Some weeks we are there nearly daily, or at least we do a drive by viewing.  It’s fun for us to investigate what has changed since we were last there.  They enjoy discovering a new piece of construction equipment that has made a home on our property or finding a recent delivery of building materials.

We are very fortunate to have a contractor that welcomes our boys and really enjoys showing them around the site.  He always remembers to text me when something cool is going on and reminds me to bring the boys by to check it out.  On the day the foundation was poured, I brought the boys to see the concrete trucks.  It’s hard to navigate the large equipment on our small property and they had to use a giant pump arm to get the concrete to the back of the house.

One idea I had to include the boys in the building process was for them to press their hands into the wet concrete.  It would be a secret labeling of our home that only the four of us would know where to find.  I wanted us to leave our marks in the concrete so that in the years to come their little hands would be imprinted on the foundation of our family home.

More than wanting a larger kitchen and new bath for our house, our renovation really is the building of a home for my sweet three boys (hubs included).  It is making it not something we bought, but something we built.  It is making it our own.   There is something more than concrete and wood.  There is a family.  Sentimental and a wee bit dorky, I know, putting our names in that spot in the bottom of our home memorialized that our home, above all else, is built on love.




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