Demo Day!


So it is finally happening!  We are renovating our family home, a 1928 #tudor revival which we have owned for 4 1/2 years.  You know how it goes – a request for a kitchen remodel turns into an addition – turns into we should replace all the mismatched windows – turns into a we should really do the bathrooms too – which leads to pulling out the radiators, refinishing the floors and repairing the stucco and plaster.  So now we are basically doing the whole house.  And just as a heads up for your future projects – when you hire a demo team, they don’t waste any time getting the job done. Not sure if destructive tendencies are a temperament requirement for their job, or maybe they are just efficient workers, but within an hour of their arrival there was not a room that was untouched.

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Honeyami + Hey Mama


A while back I was interviewed by the lovely ladies from Hey Mama.  They have curated an inspirational bevy of creative, entrepreneurial mamas and I am so flattered to be included.  After browsing through the profiles of the women on their site you will want to run out and start a business or a charity or invent something – I promise!

My boys and I did a fun photo shoot to accompany the little blurb.  I am super lucky to call a talented stylist my friend so turned myself over to her.  When she suggested a swimsuit you bet I had all the feelings and body-doubts.  But then thought how I would want my boys to accept and feel confident about their looks and decided I should lead by example.  So here you see my un-retouched mama body, flaws and all, enjoying time with her sweeties.  I am grateful for a friend who, separate from my self-critical eye, sees what’s beautiful in me.  That which I may overlook for focusing on flaws.  We should all be lucky enough to see ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves us.

P.S. If you want to read my Hey Mama interview go here




styled by Dana Avidan-Cohn
swimsuit-flagpole swim, earrings-avidan, hat-jcrew, sunnies-whistles